Time change, commitment does not. In our case, nor has there been any shift in focus towards our common goal - to make the group a major player in every field that it represents. Today, with winds of liberalization sweeping across the country, we have learned to adapt ourselves with the situation.

Years of hard work and integrity is paying us rich dividends. In the pipeline, we have a number of remarkable new projects- residential, commerical and infra structural projects, thereby emerging as a leading force in the Real Estate and Construction Industry. Growing at a pace where, it seems, the sky will be our only limit

Key value

Our customer-focused approach is based on the philosophy of TQM. We continuously endeavor to improve the processes that benefit the customers in terms of quality and value SUCCESSFULLY MARKETING of Residential and commercial Projects throughout NCR and Delhi. This success can be attributed to an extensive personalized marketing plan for every property.

Shankh Properties & Buildtech has built an extensive referral system that includes thousands of happy customers and numerous contacts within the real estate industry that will assure you of an enjoyable and profitable transaction.

• Taking care of all documentation and legal procedures.
• Assistance with housing finance.
• Registration and after sales support.
• Taking care of all your SALE/PURCHASE/RENTAL NEEDS of apartments, houses, industrial sheds,    office spaces and vacant places.

Our mission

Shankh Properties & Buildtech is a customer driven knowledge rich company. Shankh Properties & Buildtech Too has to earn the confidence of its clients, knowing how each real estate project conforms to a client company's business plan. The company persistently indentifies and evaluates all available options, and implements the best markets-driven solution. The clients confidence is tested in each of the assignment processes. To protect the valued that matches needs with resources and to ensure harmony and success it recognizes that people and personalities must also be matched.
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